Climate Cult Exposed

Freedom Financial News | Posted July 05, 2024

Political ideology can corrupt the mind, and science. – E.O. Wilson

It’s no secret that most of the elites are advocates of climate alarmism. They are fully invested in the green new scam. Their motivations vary—ranging from ignorance to willful damage to American growth to sheer greed. These elites include academics, media figures, and celebrities who don’t realize there’s no evidence that CO2 emissions cause climate change. Real causes include solar cycles, volcanoes, ocean currents, and atmospheric moisture—none of which are controlled by humans.


  •  Climate alarmism is driven by ignorance, ideology, and greed.
  •  Neo-Marxists and green profiteers aim to undermine the U.S. economy.
  •  Larry Fink and BlackRock misuse pension funds to push their radical agenda.

Ignorance and Ideology: The Fuel for Climate Alarmism

The typical upper-income supporter of the climate cult is likely unaware that there’s no solid evidence linking CO2 emissions to climate change. Instead, climate change is driven by natural factors like solar cycles and volcanic activity. But ignorance isn’t the only issue. A significant number of neo-Marxists embrace the climate scam because it damages U.S. industry, raises costs for consumers, and undermines the economy. They are impervious to evidence; their goal is to hurt America.

“The neo-Marxists are impervious to evidence; they just want to hurt America and wasting money on windmills instead of building new refineries is a good way to do it.”

Greed: Profiting from the Climate Scam

Then there are those motivated by greed. Early investors in windmills, solar modules, lithium car batteries, EVs, charging stations, and carbon credits stand to make billions off the climate narrative, aided by extravagant government subsidies. They don’t care if it collapses, as long as they get rich at taxpayer expense.

“They stand to make billions of dollars off the narrative with help from extravagant government subsidies.”

Larry Fink and the Misuse of Pension Funds

A prime example of this greed is Larry Fink, who runs the giant BlackRock investment fund. Fink aggressively promotes the climate scam along with other radical agendas like racial quotas and defunding the police. He’s entitled to his opinions, but using pension fund money from conservative states to push his radical agenda is another story. Thankfully, a backlash is growing. State pension fund managers are starting to pull their funds from BlackRock and other firms pushing far-left policies.

“More state pension fund managers are beginning to pull their funds from BlackRock and other investment managers that pursue far-left policies not in the best interests of their beneficiaries.”

Conclusion: The Path to Change

This backlash against figures like Larry Fink may not change their lavish lifestyles, but it could lead to positive changes over time. By challenging the misuse of funds and exposing the true motives behind the green new scam, we can hope for a better future where American interests are protected.

The fight against climate alarmism and the green new scam is far from over. It’s crucial to stay informed and vigilant against those who seek to profit at the expense of American growth and prosperity.

Freedom Financial News Team