The Looming Financial Tsunami

Housing Crisis 2025: The Looming Financial Tsunami

Freedom Financial News | Posted June 04, 2024

What You’ll Learn Today:

  • The staggering impact of rising national debt on housing affordability
  • Why higher taxes and unemployment rates are inevitable
  • How to prepare financially for the upcoming economic turbulence

Housing Next Year: A Financial Storm Brewing

Next year, housing will face a crisis. The presidential election aftermath and rising national debt spell trouble.

Big trouble. 

The budget deficit will hit $35 trillion by year’s end. Could hit $36 trillion by President’s Day. Might reach $37 trillion by 2025’s end. This debt crushes every American.

“A ballooning national debt will have long-lasting impacts on economic growth and housing affordability,” said an economist from the Wall Street Journal .

Current U.S. Census data shows 336,673,595 people. Only 161,491,000 are employed. Another 6,492,000 are unemployed.

The working few carry the burden. Divide the debt by them. The picture isn’t pretty.

Divide the debt

Debt per working American could jump $12,384.59. To maintain current levels. American workers are tapped out. No new production jobs. Automation replaces labor. Woke and genderism issues persist. We need jobs. Any jobs.

“Automation is set to replace a significant portion of manual labor jobs, exacerbating the unemployment rate,” according to a report by Reuters .

Higher taxes in 2025 are certain. Cut expenses now. Create breathing room. Adjust financially. Unemployment will rise. The Federal Reserve can’t support political spending forever. Congress lost control. National resources mismanaged.

Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows the real employment rate is 3.8646 percent. Historically, moderate unemployment is around 5.8 percent. Regular recessions are the norm. Before 2026, an unemployment rate twice the current one is possible. Maybe probable.

Final Thoughts

The next few years look tough. Rising debt. Higher taxes. Increasing unemployment. Housing affordability will suffer. Financial stability will be at risk. Prepare now. Reduce expenses. Build a cushion. The storm is coming.

Be ready,

Freedom Financial News